ProVision Technology (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
What ProVision can do for you

ProVision Technology provides you with services to design, install and commission a VESDA (Very early smoke detection apparatus) system which would eliminate the probability of a fire scenario, and a trusted leakage detection problem. This would ensure that there is no disruption to your business operations, and to protect your expensive assets and human lives.


Unlike the conventional passive point and beam detection for smoke and heat, VESDA is an active system that continuously collects air sample from the space that it protects into a detector that uses laser technology to detect minute presence of smoke. It Is therefore possible to provide you with the earliest warning of a potential fire. VESDA helps to ensure that business disruption and down time are avoided without creating nuisance alarms in your environment.


Most of the fires started with electrical fires when there is overheating of electrical cables. When this happens, smoldering smoke will be emitted. VESDA, through its active and continuous air-sampling action, can pick up this smoke at the earliest time and alert you for your necessary action.


Similarly, our leakage detection system uses a distributed layout sensing instead of point sensing to ensure early detection. With the point sensing approach, liquid must reach the location of a probe to trigger the alarm. Depending on the circumstances, a leak may grow or spread considerably before it reaches an individual probe. With distributed sensing, liquid is detected if it makes contact anywhere along the length of sensing cable that monitors an entire area. A locating module even displays the distance to the leak, enabling quick and effective response.

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